Wedding Photographer

Lake Full of Pictures consist of a small group of videographers and fashion Photographers that we have a history of working in various productions whom we love and trust . But mostly its two brothers Theodore Kushner and Garrett Kushner.  Both have over fifteen years experience in Television, Commercials, Fashion, Music Videos, and Movies.  We established Lake Full of Pictures in 2017, but we’ve been shooting Wedding since we were going to film school back in 2005.  It was only till now that weddings became our main focus. Before for then we were a full time Production Company called O-BeaR-O Films.  We’ve directed everything from a Butterfingers commercial to a Major Lazar video with over 90 million views.

But lets talk weddings. Why do we love shooting weddings? Its fun! Its easy! Its something new every day even if were at a familiar location. Everyone is always happy and ready for there glamor shot…. Well almost everyone. Which is why we know as directors how important it is to be intuitive and communicate to keep everyone happy.

Our mission Is to make the best wedding videos in Tahoe.