Video Pricing

Hold the Date What do I get? *Add additional hours $150 per hour

Hold the Date

* Most Popular * *Add additional hours $150 per hour

Hold the Date

What do I get?
  • A Epic Feature Cut.  A 25-60 minute cinematic feature film in 4K. This is everything crammed into one big video. Full First Looks, Full Ceremony, Full toasts, Full special dances, any other special events, and everything else in between.
  • A full length Ceremony video in 4K (Beautifully edited between 4 cameras)
  • 10 hours Coverage.
  • A 60 Sec TikTok / Instagram Reel
  • Epic Feature Example
  • Full Ceremony Example
  • Full Toasts Example
  • 360 Video Example
*Add additional hours $150 per hour

All video packages will include:

  • 4K+ & above all footage
  • 4 camera coverage / Reception 2 camera
  • Lighting for speeches and special dances
  • Slow Motion Video 60-240 FPS Great for dance sequences
  • Mic the officiant, the groom, the bride, and other speakers
  • 4K Aerial Drone footage (With Venues Permission & Clearance)
  • Digital Download Edited and Raw files on a USB 3.1 Flash Drive (Provided by the client)